You Save > 50% on Nucleic Acid
Extraction via Our Unique Approach to Direct PCR

Our unique extraction-free reagents were engineered to seamlessly accomplish 5 key sample processes using nanotechnology.

Some of Our customers

PCRopsis™ is for:

labs looking to simplify their PCR testing
labs looking to increase testing capacity without large upfront investments
labs looking for less dependence on large equipment, consumables, and reagent manufacturers
labs looking to decrease expenses
labs working for various sample types (food, animal, human, environmental, waste water, etc.)

How is PCRopsis™ Next Gen Extraction-free Reagents different from the competition?

We provide results comparable to
traditional RNA and DNA extraction.

Our reagents are shipped and stored at
room temperature. Thereby reducing
shipping costs.

Simple procedure that's compatible with automation.

The science behind PCRopsis™ nanotechnologies

Performing simultaneous tasks without external sample manipulation

Robust Sample Lysis

Our reagents lyse viruses & cells without enzymes or harsh detergents, negating the need for traditional 'capture & release' approaches

Disrupt Nucleic Acid Structure

Our reagents disrupt nucleic acid tertiary and quaternary structures to improve target accessibility

Disassociate Proteins

Our reagents remove nucleic acid bound proteins to improve target accessibility

Stabilize Nucleic Acids

Our reagents minimize the effects of nucleases to minimize loss of target nucleic acids

Sequester PCR Inhibitors

Our reagents bind to PCR inhibitors to prevent them from interfering with PCR applications

PCRopsis™ Technology Makes Traditional Nucleic Acid Extraction Obsolete

Our unique approach to direct PCR technology offers numerous benefits

Robust results
Fast sample processing
Low cost
Room temperature stable technology

Get the same results: faster, easier, and at a lower cost

Improve your profit margins by replacing your traditional nucleic acid kits with PCRopsis™ reagents

50% savings
~10 minute processing
Compatible with numerous automation options
Single reagent for multiple applications

PCRopsis™ Outperforms Alternative Direct PCR Technologies

Next Gen Extraction-free processing with PCRopsis™ reagent offers lower Ct readings compared to a market leader, Promega

Compatible with diverse transport mediums
RT-qPCR Ct readings comparable to traditional nucleic acid extraction
Great results with multiple gene targets


Do PCRopsis™ reagents result in comparable Ct readings compared to traditional extraction methods?

Yes, in many cases you will obtain comparable results for many sample types and applications. You may also observe Ct readings slightly higher when compared to traditional extraction methods depending on the starting size of your sample.

How can PCRopsis™ reagents be shipped and stored at room temperature and alternatives require refrigeration?

Instead of using enzymes or labile components, we use engineered, stable nanoparticles to mediate direct PCR. This approach decreases shipping / storage costs, but also extends the shelf life of the product.

Do PCRopsis™ reagents work for unstated applications?

They might in many situations. You would need to validate PCRopsis™ reagents for those applications. Our team of researchers are available to assist.

I need a direct PCR reagent for an application not mentioned on your website, can the R&D team develop a tailored reagent for my application?

Yes, we are always up for a challenge! We simply need to understand your application so that we can devise a screening protocol to be applied onto our nanoparticle / materials screening platform.